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2nd best line in BGC history!


When I go to a party.


At first I’m all calm and collected

Then, I start to get comfortable, so I get in my zone.

Next thing I know, it’s 3 am and I’m going nuts.

She Betta Get iT. !

And after my crazy night, I’m simply like, “werk”. :)


the only lesson I need

Anonymous asked:
Nobody cares about Rima getting bullied because she turned around and did the same shit to little ass Andrea, so why should we feel bad for her? It's the same shit with Elease.. you can't feel bad for these fucking hypocrites.









Who tf did Elease bully tho

Elease jumped Camilla AND Christine …

Ok but Elease barely jumped Camilla nd she didn’t jump Christine

Yeah, but she tried to bully Camilla but she wasn’t having it.. I remember Elease telling her that she was gonna give her a “305 ass whooping”

Ok but Camilla also bullied Elease on allstarts battle nd the many times she fights Elease is pointless

I’m not even gonna lie.. Camilla did bully her but as softspoken as Elease may be she’s not that innocent.. don’t get me wrong, I like Elease but you can’t feel sorry for her sometimes because she came in the house saying “where I come from nobody jumps, everybody fights one on one” and then she turned around and jumped people

Ok, I see where you coming from but why is it,that,Camilla always beating up on Elease. Like,yes we know shes gonna win every time so it pointless.And I dont see why on.bgasb Camilla fought Elease after that challenge when there was no way to cheat, but she get mad when she get put up for elimination. Like wtf did she not see that coming

Only Camilla can answer that.. after fighting Elease once, she should have just ended it there when she realized that the girl can’t fight. Camilla probably held that against her on bgasb like “if you don’t do what I say, i’ll beat your ass”


The cast of Bgc13



Bgc12 Reunion part 1 sneak peeks


sneak peek 1

sneak peek 2

sneak peek 3

The season finale was so fucking bored.. like, I can’t. At least we got the reunion promo.. Can’t wait!

That was so lame of Jada wanting to be up Blu’s ass all of a sudden.. I can’t lie, Slim was fake as fuck but that shit Jada pulled was fake too because I doubt she knew at that time that Slim called her a basic bitch


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